Otile Brown slams fan who accused him of using Juju to lure Vera Sidika

Kenyans have been keeping close tabs on Otile Brown and Vera Sidika like their life depends on it even when its obvious it does not.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have lately been under harsh public criticism. The two were in a relationship which saw the love birds get away to Mauritius for a vacation.

‘Huwezi potea na roho ya Otile na upotee na kiatu yake’ Vera Sidika told


It is not clear what transpired after the romantic gate away after Otile deleted photos of of Vera on his Instagram page.


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Vera also unfollowed the eye candy artiste and since then social media users cant keep calm with many even accusing Otile of using charm to win her over.

He answered his critics writing;

“So ho*s have been sending my chick messages telling her that she has failed miserably for falling in love with me, calling me names because I am not a baller. We usually just read them together with Vee and laugh. Even people we know use private accounts just to diss her ‘stupid move’ for falling for me,”

He goes on to explain that people are on Vera’s case wondering how she could date an ‘average’ guy like him.
Adding that,

“Someone just texted. This hit me hard, though. She’s saying I am using juju on her. That ‘There is no way, Vee can love an average guy like me. First of all, I am not an average dude. I am a true baller on my own level and I aspire to be bigger. Everybody starts from somewhere.”

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

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He goes on to vent on how society has set money to be the measuring standard of everything,he says

“Even if I become a real baller, I would never blow money on no ho*, unless she’s special. So the society got us all fucked up, to a point that a man can’t make a move towards a classy woman and win without blowing cash? Damn! And by the way, I love Vee – and God forbid – if we ever part ways, life has to go on, so don’t dwell on that. Till then, we lit.”

Well, Otile and Vera are very much together and deeply in love and Otile has proven this after releasing a song ‘Baby Love’ that is entirely dedicated to Vera.

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