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Otile Brown responds after Babu Owino claimed he was running for Embakasi East MP (exclusive)

Babu Owino shocked many this past week after he went on the offensive against someone most didn’t anticipate. Babu had set his guns 0o a rival many thought was firmly established in the entertainment industry and not interested in the political arena.

The esteemed person Babu had set his eyes on was musician Otile Brown. Babu tore into the Chaguo la Moyo singer saying that he should stick to singing, also calling him a slay queen in the barb.

Many wondered what was going on, including me. Had Otile decided that he would be vying for political office and when had he made that announcement?

Otile Brown’s emotional message to Sanaipei arouses fans suspicion

I quickly called up Otile and spoke to his manager Noriega who is authorised to speak for the singer. The manager was at first cagey but said that if Otile had made any announcement about becoming the Embakasi East MP, it would at first be posted on his social media pages.

If it was official, it would have come from our official social media handles.

So was Babu claiming a falsehood when he said that Otile was running? Noriega reiterated that if anything was official from their end it would have come from Otile’s official social media platforms and if it wasn’t there, then it isn’t from our end.

“We don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know about it…” he finished off.

This isn’t the first time that Babu has made a controversial statement. In 2017, the politician got into a world of hurt when he allegedly abused a political leader, saying that that leader was a, “Mtoto wa Mbwa.” That comment got him arrested by police for hate speech.

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