Just marry a mzungu you get the light baby! Otile Brown tells Vera

Otile Brown might always write, ‘we got nothing but love,’ at the bottom of most of his Instagram pages but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t take shots some times.

The artistes threw shade at his ex-girlfriend Vera Sidika days after she was trolled for saying that she will make cute babies with her boyfriend Jimmy Chansa.

Vera with Jimmy Chansa
Vera with Jimmy Chansa

On his Instastories, Otile mentioned that Ms. Sidika is so obsessed with giving birth to cute babies forgetting beauty is not determined by being light skin.

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He went ahead to allege that the socialite aborted his pregnancy on grounds that he was not light-skin enough. He wrote,

‘Some people are sick. Mtu yuko so obsessed kuzaa mtoto mcute forgetting that Cahlli na dem wanawezakua light skin and still maze mtoto mweusi. Have seen it with own eyes. Yangu ilitolewa coz she doubted I’m light skin enough for the baby to come out light skin enough. Yani you’d rather be with a wrong guy has long as he can get you cute baby (Light skin),’ reads part of Otile’s post.


The singer added that by saying cute babies, Vera was referring to light-skin because she changed her skin tone, advising the socialite that she just dates a white guy.

‘Whats going on in the world. By cute we know you mean light. Daah then for a sure bet get a white man. So when you are light, you are considered cute? We know you and we know through your lies. Sick sick sick and you all will end up bad. Yo all thick this is about me, then you all don’t get the message… Ladies you all are beautiful the way y’all are,’ said Otile Brown.

Otile’s attack on Vera comes days after she put up a post insinuating that she will make cute babies with boyfriend Jimmy Chansa.

The socialite with her boyfriend
Vera with her Tanzanian man

The post elicited mixed reactions from her fans with the curvy businesswoman responding with a foul-mouthed tirade.

‘Does this mean Dark skin is ugly? Cause I don’t understand why everyone coming at me as if I said “we gonna make hella white babies” smh. If y’all definition of beauty relies on color and complexion then y’all modafakaz are rotten hypocrites 🖕🏽,’ read part of her post.

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