Otile Brown together with Nabayet

Are they done? Otile Brown’s Ethiopian bae posts cryptic message

Otile Brown looked like he had found his happier ever after this year after flossing his new Ethiopian bae, Nabayet. The couple would spend time together and most times showed off the images on their social media pages.

But there are hints that all might not be well in their home. The woman who brought back a smile on Otile’s face after his terrible and cautionary break-up might not be with the man anymore.

Nabayet posing

The reason for this worry was something that she posted recently on her social media page. The singer posted the image of a black rose. In literature, it can signify a new stage in life that sometimes requires the “death” of the old stage. It can also represent “rebirth or the beginning of something new.”

Nabayet’s post

Black roses, because some manipulation might be involved in getting it to a particular shade, can also mean obsession. Be aware, though, that giving someone a black rose generally indicates the end of the relationship.

Zari Hassan and Lilian Muli have in the past posted images of black roses on their social media pages. Zari famously dumped Diamond when she posted the image, while Lillian at the time was going through unique times in her relationship with baby daddy, Jared Nevaton.

Lillian Muli admits she’s still with tycoon Jared Nevaton after sharing photo of black rose

Otile last posted an image of Nabayet on June 13th over 2 months back while Nabayet herself posted an image of the singer on June 16th.

Otile Brown with Nabayet cutting a cake
Otile Brown with Nabayet cutting a cake

The comments to Nabayet’s post are very illuminating with some saying that she had posted a message on her page that alluded to heartbreak. A message her followers said that she quickly deleted.

The two have had a long-distance relationship that many wondered whether it would last? It seems that maybe the trope that these types of relationships are very hard to maintain is true and that our very own Otile might be in that same boat.

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