Otile Brown with Nabayet in the past

Otile Brown announces break up with Nabbi

Otile Brown has announced that he and Nabbi are not together anymore. Brown revealed this on his social media saying that the last time they were together, they were figuring things out.

The two were spotted together late December at a popular hotel after he went to receive her from the airport.

In an insta-stroy, Brown announced.

“Nabbi and I are not together anymore‚Ķ. The last time we were together was to try and figure out the way forward but we decided to go our separate ways.”

Adding that he would still care for her,

“Unfortunately She’s an amazing person and for that I will always respect her, care for her and be cool with each other. Wishing her nothing but the best moving forward! Bless.”

Otile Brown with Nabayet in the past
Otile Brown with Nabayet in the past

The two met in the DM when Nabbi was living in Australia. They later caught up when Otile Brown went to perform there.

The two started dating soon after Otile broke up with Vera Sidika over irreconcilable differences.

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