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Father of late comedian, Othuol finally opens about son’s drinking habit

Kenya lost another comedy great this month of October 2020. And that man was Othuol Othuol who succumbed while undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

The news continues the sad state of the comedy industry in Kenya with this being the nth! death of a comedian in the past 3 years alone!

Many Kenyans were curious about the death of the late Othuol who made his name on one of the most popular shows in Kenya, Churchill Show.

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His father had some answers for them as he was featured on the Churchill Show journey series, where his family, close friends and colleagues paid glowing tributes to him.

‘The last time he came home it was january this year. he called me and told me he wanted to come and built his house because everyone was asking him about it. He came home and put up a house which is bigger than mine and promised to build me one once he was done.” his father said.

But his father was also very candid saying that his son was in love with the bottle.

“We had a lot of problems with his drinking style and i’d urge young people to tread carefully. People have drunk until they are even 100 or 90 years and are still strong because were cautious but not careless. If you do is carelessly then you become careless with your life,” the father went on.

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With this amazing brother @2mbili …

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The bereaved father continued,

“His drinking was a concern to the family. Whenever he would come home, the whole home would be full…chang’aa (local brew) and other drinks. He arrives in the village in the morning but I’d see him in the night when he is going to sleep. Just from one chang’aa den to another and I could go round making noise nyinyi mnaharibu watoto wa watu but he was a grown-up so hakuna mtu anamuharibu.”

And though he might try, he wasn’t able to dissuade his son from the bad habit, explaining a time when Othuol had threatened not to receive his help when he was sick with TB.

“I called him one day and told him if you want to commit suicide with drinking please tell me and the style you want to take. If you want to commit suicide with drinking carelessly, don’t take time, better take a rope and do it. I’ll come to carry you home,” he recalled.

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Kitui tuseme ni asubuhi

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“I thought he could go slow… during the time he was diagnosed with tb, i sent a brother to go and take care of him but he said ‘no this is my hoúse. if you talk about my drinking and the money is mine, then hatutaelewana’.”

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