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Orange is the new black star Uzo Aduba secretly married last year


Uzo Aduba revealed she secretly married her filmaker boyfriend Robert Sweeting.

The beautiful bride shared a picture of the nuptials however the wedding was held in 2020.

Yup, a year ago.

The Orange is the New Black actress took to social media to mark her one-year wedding anniversary with filmmaker Robert Sweeting. A rep for Aduba also confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the two wed last year in New York.E_IbwIzXMAMbSeC (1)

Aduba, 40, shared a photo of herself dressed in white along with Sweeney in a navy tuxedo, quoting a memorably romantic line from When Harry Met Sally.

“For some of us, it can feel like we spend our whole lives waiting for our special someone. My heart, my love — I’m so happy my life started last year with you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” Adubo wrote on Instagram.

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