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OPINION Why we shouldn’t laugh off Kanye’s behavior towards Kim

Kim and Kanye’s fallout over a divorce is playing out in public.

Kanye has over the past couple of weeks been exhibiting some obsessive compulsive behavior towards ex wife Kim, and people are using his mental health to excuse his behavior.

We have normalized everything a man does that is trying to maintain control over his ex as romantic instead of abusive. He has said he is fighting to get back his family, but his actions are abusive. Stop romanticizing his actions as fighting for his family from a new love interest.

No one else is responsible for his mental health except him. No excuses.

Also people need to learn how to let people leave and also be left.

It’s scary that he has zero understanding or empathy for how she’s feeling. I hope she stops communicating with him and only talks through their lawyers.

They both need to lay off social media.

While we may feel bad for Kanye because he’s struggling. that doesn’t excuse his behavior. He is a threat to the family he claims to love so much. Kanye is actively stalking, harassing, and abusing Kim Kardashian. This behavior is dangerous and borderline threat to her new man when he asks his fans to shout when they see Pete Davidson.

Not to mention he tagged Kim in an Instagram post where he is choking her to death.

This is a very scary situation for Kim and her kids. She should seek full custody and a restraining order.

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