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Oooliskia wapi? Fans react after Betty Bayo declares to be the next President of single mothers

Gospel singer and Pastor Kanyari’s ex Betty Bayo has been revealing to much about her life to her online friends.

The single mother of two recently said she will be the next president of single mothers. Well, if you have been an online person, you know there is only one self-declared president of single mothers.  All hail Akothee.

Bayo’s post read;

“The next president of the SINGLE mothers after the current one gets married.”

Well, Bayo recently said she is a threat to married men. She was angry with a man who prevented his wife from speaking to her and the reason according to the singer was that she was a single mother.

“Yesterday, I met this couple at the carwash and the hubby was protecting his wife from talking to me, is it true that I am a threat to marriages?” she wrote.

In her Facebook post,  Bayo explained;

“I know no married man would want their wife to be my friend especially when the man has failed to be a real man, to all men if you’re threatened by me it’s because you have failed stop blaming me, no happy woman would leave a happy marriage coz BETTY BAYO said this or that, deal with your own insecurity,” she added.

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The singer
The singer

She then added that it wasn’t her fault that she was divorced, finishing her message by telling the man to work on himself and not project his issues on other people.

I am only a threat to abusive bloodsucking God forsaken unions and I  am too loud to be silenced and I am not afraid of insults, I am immune.”

Her followers were quick to remind her that there is only one president!

Check out some comments from fans;

Waweru Njuguna: So you want to impeach Akothee …….nilijua tuu ……walk naked twice and you will be appointed……no human is limited
Mercy Mugoh: u r becoming annoying nowadays. There is nothing out of the ordinary that happened to u
Suzzy Wa Karis: Sasa better ku exit unfollow unsubscribe koz Anaanxa kupoteza watu sasa
Terry Joe: Betty wacha kukimbizana na akothee utaumia mama, hauna character hata Moja yake this lady is soo much mature wewe umeanza showoff na utoto mwingi… Be humble God akuinue Betty umekuwa too much now.
Emily Kirimi: Oliskia wapi ati akothee naolewa? ama Nani current?
Mistah Buxton Mbaki: He hee “Gospel Artist” and a President of Single mothers in one sentence. Smh!!!!! Tuombe Mungu sana.
David Njoroge: Betty Bayo be careful what you wish for!! Marriage is an institution God created and blessed don’t wish those in it bad luck it seems you have not moved on wee kaa hapo tuu, 310 man moved on girl
Phylis Maina: Ukiachwa si uachike kwani ni wewe wa kwanza?…Calling yourself President of single mothers raises a lot of queries. Its as if u want to grab the position of God in single mothers, Wakiwa na Mungu hawakuhitaji nkt!!!
Jennifer Kimani: Marriage is a sacrament an one should respect it. Betty y ou are on top of your voice every day and yet your husband is alive go back, your children are missing their dad bcos of you, we have no sympathy us we waited an respect our marriage…

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