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Ooliskia Wapi? Ali Kiba’s wifes New Year message on separation rumors


Rumors have been swirling about Ali Kkiba and his Kenyan wife being separated from as early as 2019, then into 2020 and now 2021, there’s still many questions.

His wife Amina was asked about this by a fan in a Q&A on January 2nd, and she kinda, sorta answered this pesky allegation.

There were rumors they split and reunited in 2020, and sparked suspicion about their split after a blackout of each other online unlike before.

It was also said Amina had packed her bags and returned to Kenya. Ali Kiba conformed this saying things were rough and they faced challenges just like every other marriage out there.

“It is true that my wife and I have issues, which is normal to any couple. I returned her to her parent’s home myself. I wanted her to also go back to work, I then traveled to Europe,” he said.

They reunited and showed off family pictures during their son’s 1st birthday early 2020.

And so the cycle of clearing up rumors is here in 2021. Amina insists its busybodies spreading rumors, but still leaves lingering doubt on the matter.

For instance she indicates she is in Kenya, yet Ali Kiba is in Tanzania. Did they have different holiday plans?ali kiba wife rumor sepration(1)

Next Amina criticized blogs for not talking to the couple to find out the truth.  ali kiba wife separate 1(1)

Are you confused right now. Here is another answer to the issue of splitting.

ali kiba wife separation(1)

If the couple is still very much an item, we wish them the best this 2020WON.


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