‘Ongea Mbaya Nikublock,’ Controversial Pastor Victor Kanyari Threatens His Followers

Social media will be the end of us. Instead of people using it for its main aim; socializing, sharing photos and even marketing, many have turned it into something personal. Where they lash out at imaginary haters and threaten them. But why?

It is social meaning everything you write or post will be seen by the public. Why post if you don’t want people to see?

Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari is one of those digital men of God. He is on Facebook and Instagram. And just like any other ordinary being, the ‘controversial’ man of the cloth shares photos on these platforms just to give us a glimpse into everyday life.

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From posting photos showing off his mansion, cars and even a church full of worshippers, Kanyari is never afraid of doing this even after he was exposed as a not so Christ-like pastor back in 2014.

The founder of Salvation Ministry is living large. While many Kenyans struggle to make ends meet, Kanyari is eating life with a big spoon. The socialite pastor who is known for flossing his big machines posted a photo sitting in front of one of his cars (a Range Rover) with the front doors wide open and threatened to block anyone who comments negatively.

“Ogea mbaya ni kublock.” (say something nasty and I will block you)

Lol! Why is Kanyari threatening his followers yet he has been exposed severally?

Pastor Kanyari and James Ng'ang'a


Meanwhile, Kanyari and his brother in Christ, apostle James Ng’ang’a were recently spotted together and who knows what they are up to.

Here is a photo Kanyari posted on social media

Pastor Kanyari and James Ng'ang'a


The caption accompanying the photo was mocking their haters.

Those who paid for your downfall should go and get their money back..??

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