One man is not enough for all our needs – Maina and Kingangi

On the Friday November 19 morning topic, women told Maina that one man ‘hatoshi mboga’.

This follows a revelation by a woman on Thursday that she gets money from other men to do her hair while her husband pays the big bills. She told that a husband cannot do it all.

Maina Kageni added ‘yesterday I was with a group of ladies and I asked that question. and they said no one man can satisfy the needs of a woman. I want you to think about that statement, there is not a ingle man who can satisfy the needs of a woman’

Mwalimu Kingangi could nto fathom this thought asking ‘so wanataka wangapi?

To add salt to injury Maina laughed saying ‘hautoshi mboga’ Kingangi was so depressed that ‘ hata nimpatie nini na nini?’

Maina opened up the topic to the audience adding ‘it’s just the way they are built, you may have all the money in the world but there is something you are missing, she will get another man in another area, can men understand and accept that?

Kingangi was so pained ‘yani nimpatie range rover na aishi karen na bado hata nikifika nyumbani 6 pm na niko na 6 pack na niko na pesa, it’s not enough? How? is that why they go for omar lali? Kingangi asked ‘na wanampendea huyo jamaa nini?’

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