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OMG! You Won’t Believe Who Tina Kaggia’s ‘Sponsor’ Is

Mid-morning show presenter Tina Kaggia is a happy woman, not only does she have very adorable children – and looks nothing like a mother of three – she has a loving husband who’s been by her side for 4 years now.

The comedian, real name, Nathan Kimani and Tina are blessed with two children, a son and the recent addition to the family, a baby girl. But this was Tina’s third child, with a grown-up daughter from a previous relationship, who JB adopted as his own.

The lovebirds are happily married and seem to be closer and happier each day if the sweet, passionate messages they share about each other on social media is anything to go by.

Tina recently shared a very adorable photo of JB Masanduku when he was younger, and it looks like the entertainer has not aged one bit. She put up the photo with this touching, yet hilarious post, where she even called him a ‘sponsor’:

You gave them babies those helicopter ears ???. Ayayu shweerie. I Just had to post this ???. #ManCrushForLife #Baby Daddy #LoveOfMyLife #sponza ?? #MyWorld.





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