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Tabitha Karanja called me nasty names – Omar Lali says when he first met Keroche founder

Keroche heiress and sister to famous Nero Water founder Anerlisa Muigai passed away on May 2nd this year. The death took the country by shock with many wondering what had happened to the very private rich kid.

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What soon transpired was that she was seeing a much older man called Omar Lali and they were living together in the beautiful locale of Lamu.

After her tragic death, the man was jailed as a prime suspect for more than a month with the police suspecting that he was involved somehow.

But he is now out of jail and has been giving his side of the story. He recently spoke to KTN news and revealed a lot of interesting details about his titillating relationship with the late Tecra.

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Omar said that the couple was planning to exchange vows barely a month before she fatally fall. Omar added that Tecra was the best person he had ever met in life, a beautiful soul who would fear things both big and small, animals and people, basically everything apart from him.

Omar said that Tecra would jump into his arms and was very distrusting of people and that whenever she would walk on the streets alone, she would always look behind her and stop whenever she suspected malicious people following her.

Omar said that he was successful in changing this behaviour in her. Omar also described his first visit to Tecra’s family home in Naivasha.

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The bearded 50-year-old man said that her parents weren’t as accomodating of the idea of the relationship. He said that Tecra’s mother especially gave him a tough time calling him derogatory terms after she had seen his photos with her.

Omar didn’t take the insults to heart because he thought of Tabitha as an elderly lady and he was willing to forgive. Apparently, that meeting wouldn’t be the end of their relationship as both their families met to try and hash out a way forward for their potential wedding.

Omar said that he had proposed to Tecra when the two had visited a waterfall, months after they met on June 6, 2019.

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