Tecra Muigai and Omar Lali

Omar Lali fears that lack of money will cost him a chance of being proven innocent

Omar Lali was an unknown boat operator until the death of one of Kenya’s wealthiest ladies, Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai. The untimely demise of Tecra in April last year thrust the bearded Lali into the spotlight as he was one of the last people to be seen with her before she suffered her fatal accident.

Tecra Muigai smiling
Tecra Muigai smiling

Since then, Lali was remanded by the cops before he was finally released later on, although he was the prime suspect. But that doesn’t mean his case ended there, an inquest into the death was set up.

Now Lali is crying foul saying that his right to a fair hearing has been violated explaining that he was denied a chance to hear testimonies of witnesses who appeared before the court.

“I have been denied an opportunity to hear the evidence of my accusers and to cross-examine them, particularly the deceased’s mother, who have all testified,” his court papers read in part.

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The Lamu native also complained that the summons requiring him to present himself and his two brothers, Abdulhakim Lali and Kuswayi Lali, and his brother-in-law Ali Bakari, to testify was unfair and a violation of his right to a fair hearing.


He also added that he cannot sustain the cost of transport from Lamu to Nairobi throughout the proceedings and that it should be held in his hometown.

He also stated that he cannot afford to pay a lawyer to defend him throughout the trial period, fearing that him lacking a lawyer will ruin his chances of being found innocent.

Lali noted that the police and Tecra’s family have always believed that he killed the Keroche heiress.

Tecra and Omar Lali
Tecra and Omar Lali

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