Old Is Gold! Sheila Mwanyigha’s Mother Is Too Stunning For Her Age!

Sheila Mwanyigha is no doubt one of the hottest celebrities in the Kenyan media industry.

Although she is no longer on radio and TV after quitting her position as a radio presenter and TV host at Nation Media Group, she’s still one of our favorite media personalities.

The sassy singer’s still got her game going years down the line since her singing days as Nikki and especially after she cut weight at the end of last year, looking sexy and younger!

The former Tusker Project Fame host recently took to her Instagram to share a beautiful photo with her mother, who I must say looks stunning for her age, with this moving caption;

There’s no day off for mums. There’s no day the job is done. There’s no day the kids can go figure it out on their own. There’s no day the kids stop being their babies.

Though Sheila Mwanyigha likes keeping her private life under wraps, she has never hesitated to share photos of her parents once in a while, and from the pic, it’s clear that her mother is ageing gracefully.

Check out the gorgeous photo below!


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