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Old fashion trends that are making a come back in 2019!

You may look at some people on the streets today and think what they are wearing is outdated, but you need to know those trends existed back in the day.

In 2018, some of these trends were on a roll and they have been carried to 2019 where they are now doing it in class and style

We have highlighted for you some of those trends that are giving us a comeback after decades

1. Crazy nail art

Nail decorations going an extra mile has been trending for since 2018 and I do not think it’s ending any time soon as ladies are taking care of their nails more now that nails have gone a notch higher in designs.






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2. Palazo pants

Palazo pants have been there since the 90’s, and the trend resurfaced recently coming up with different designs from pants to jumpsuits which have been a trend now.

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3. Baggy Jeans/ Denims

Most ladies would go for tight jeans as compared to baggy ones. This trend however is being overtaken by baggy jeans which were a trend in the 80’s.

They are here with a bang and I do not think they are going anywhere anytime soon.

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4. Off shoulders

Off shoulders are a classy look for ladies and designers have gone ahead to adjust this, that not only are they in tops only, they can be modified in dresses, wedding gowns, and also jumpsuits.

This is one of the trends that has comeback with a bang and ladies can’t get enough of it.




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5. Tassel earrings

The tassel earrings are very classy and ladies are going for all colors to match them with their outfits. They are very appealing and can be worn with any outfit.



6. High thigh boots

These boots are not only classy, they are also comfortable and elegant and ladies cant get over this look. These boots could be worn while going out or just casual day where you want to look cute and classy.



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 7. Wrap round shirts

Wrap round blouses are not leaving the market anytime soon as they are very versatile , meaning you can rock it with any outfit you have in mind. They are very elegant and ladies are loving this design.



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