Ol Kalou man kills his dad with a jembe over Sh6,000

Grief and sadness engulfed the village of Silanga in Ol Kalou after a 38-year-old man suffering from mental illness killed his father.

The man who was identified as Daniel hit his dad with a fork jembe yesterday killing him on the spot.

Daniel killed his 67-year-old dad John Maina after a tussle ensured over money which he wanted his father to give him.

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To hide his evil deed Daniel then proceeded to tell the villagers that his dad had been killed by unknown people and his body dumped on their shamba.

Filled with guilt the man later admitted that he was the one who had killed by his dad adding that he was shocked by what he did.

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Confessing to his heinous crime Daniel says

“He just talked to me badly after I asked him for some cash(6000)Instead of him telling me he did not have the cash he told me to go ask my mother when I find her in Muranga.

I took a jembe and killed him ,then took a knife and completed the job.

Even when we reach the station I will not deny doing this,Right now I feel like a bull .Why should I deny that I killed him?”

A neighbor said that Daniel has been relying on the dad despite the fact that he is capable of working

“That man is a strong man but he loves easy things,He does not working  yet he expects his dad to provide for him and when he refuses he ends up beating him.

It is such a sad day for us because the old man was loved by every body.”

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