Oh No! This Is Why The Real Househelps Of Kawangware Actor Njugush Quit The Show

The Real Househelps Of Kawangware is undoubtedly one of the most popular local programmes in the country, with characters who are full of humour and drama.

The show’s director Phillip Karanja and writer Abel Mutua — both former Tahidi High actors — revealed that they were no longer part of the crew team anymore, something that came as sad news and a shocker for the programme’s fans.

After two years of being a main cast in the show, Njugush, known for his rib-cracking character and antics, also revealed that he was leaving the show, which was almost unbelievable, not only for the fans but the entire entertainment industry.

Njugush, real name, Timothy Kimani, was one of the most popular and loved actors in the show, because of his unique character as a hawker in the slums trying to make ends meet while having to deal with the hardships of survival.

We all know that the show will not be the same without Njugush, but he promised to be back in another show. This is the reason he gave for leaving the show;

Hi Fam, I will no longer be on ‪#‎trhk‬ sad as might be.
This is due to Important aspects of the show changing for the new season.
The aspects being Scripting and Directing.change is not bad , but without gelled abd oiled transition I feel it would put characters, plot, and the whole show in jeopardy.
However am really humbled for all the support youve given me as a character through and through.I have grown in measures un forseen, And for that I will forever be greatful for your undying love.Also Protel studios asante for the platform you gave me.
Above all God for weaving this basket to completion .
But not to worry the rest of the gang will still be on.
Its been real ,again thanks sooo much for your love.
Should things change youll be in the loop.
But dont be mistaken will be back soon in a new outfit.
Till next one cheers.



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