Proud mother: Meet Nyota Ndogo’s all grown first born son (photos)

Nyota Ndogo is celebrated both locally and internationally for her music but beside that she is adored by her kids for being a good mother.

A wise man once said ‘Being a mother is not what you gave up to get a child but what you gained from having one.’

For Nyota Ndogo being a mother has been a constant source of joy going by her constant posts.

Living abroad has not made things easy for her but she creates time for her two kids.

Well today we are focusing on her son who has grown up into a fine young man.

In one of her posts, she advices him so to stay away from s#x adding that the time will come when he can engage in the same.

“I will not kill you if you want to date someone but hakuna s#x umesikia @mbarakafrika hakuna NINI? Sex sex baadae atlist gonga 18 ni 3 years tu my son tena utumie condom course kuna ugonjwa na mimba za bahati mbaya hepuka hizo mwanangu.soma upate muelekeo katika maisha warembo wanazaliwa kila siku mybe mke wako hata babake na mamake hawajuani saizi inamaana hajazaliwa.”

‘Thank you for being a great mother to our daughter Lexie ,Ubarikiwe’Burale to his ex wife

Many might not know who Nyota Ndogo’s son is but worry not because we got you covered and below are the photos;




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