Nyota Ndogo reveals why it took her an year to say yes to her ‘Mzungu’ husband

Taarab singer Nyota Ndogo has revealed that she took one year to respond to her now-husband when he asked for a hand in marriage.

She and her Danish husband Henning Nielsen tied the knot on May 22, 2016, but their marriage journey hasn’t been smooth.

Well, in a recent post, Nyota shared a video revealing why she took long to say yes to Nielsen.

According to her, she did not want him to think she was in a hurry to date him.

She was jamming to Jay Melody, Sugar.

“This song imeshindwa kunitoka kichwani jamani kila nikiusikiza unanikumbusha the time mume wangu aliniuluza will you marry me Mwanaisha then nikachukua mwaka mzima kumjibu but nilikua nimekufa nimeoza unajua ukijibu haraka haraka ataona unaspeed nyingi.this song inanifanya nijiskie kumpenda mume wangu zaidi.”

(This song has refused to go out of my head. It keeps reminding me of the time my husband asked me for a hand in marriage and it took me a year to respond. I was deeply in love but I was afraid she would say I was rushing things. The song makes me wanna love him even more.”)

Nyota Ndogo almost lost her Danish husband Henning Nielsen after he got angry over the pregnancy prank she played on April Fool’s Day last year.

The two have since made peace and recently bought her a car.

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