Nyota Ndogo with her husband

Nyota Ndogo gives reasons she hasn’t had kids with her mzungu hubby

Mombasa songbird Nyota Ndogo is one female celebrity who isn’t afraid to reveal deeper details concerning her personal life.

The singer who has been blessed with two kids before her marriage to her much older Mzungu husband, Henning Nielsen, has decided to speak on why she is yet to have children with him.

Sharing a video singing one of her songs about marriage and children on social media, the singer also confirmed that her hubby declined to add other kids to their union.

She explained that there were a variety of reasons for that with one of them being his age. Also, she said that Henning already had three children and grandchildren plus her two kids, which were more than enough.

She pleaded with fans to stop nagging her on the issue, “Please stop telling me issues about giving birth and others telling me that I do not want to give him a child because he’s old,” she warned. She also noted the fact that Nielsen undertook a vasectomy operation saying: “And you do know what whites do when they do not favour having children right?”

Back in March 2020 in an interview with Massawe Jappani, the Watu Na Viatu hitmaker revealed she struggled to have children with Nielsen, despite her love for kids and willingness to expand the family.

Does your white husband still satisfy you in bed?! Nyota Ndogo asked

According to the MayoClinic.Org, almost all vasectomies can be reversed. However, this doesn’t guarantee success in conceiving a child.

Vasectomy reversal can be attempted even if several years have passed since the original vasectomy — but the longer it has been, the less likely it is that the reversal will work.

Pregnancy rates after vasectomy reversal will range from about 30 percent to over 90 percent, depending on the type of procedure.

Nyota Ndogo with her husband
Nyota Ndogo with her husband

Many factors affect whether a reversal is successful in achieving pregnancy, including time since a vasectomy, partner age, surgeon experience and training, and whether or not you had fertility issues before your vasectomy.

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