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Nyashinski shares powerful words about cheating after wedding

Nyashinski crashed the dreams of many lasses this weekend after news of his traditional wedding became public.

Over the weekend, the couple held a secret and intimate ceremony to celebrate their union. Only close friends and family were in attendance.

Immediately after the wedding, he took to social media and flaunted his new love. Further to that, he has already become a  relationship expert after dropping quotes. He took to twitter and said,

The responses to this tweet are just too hilarious. Most of them making fun of him for being an expert after a day of marriage. Here are a few hilarious comments:

Nyashinski replied to one guy telling him that he may be two days in the game, however he knows how it is played.

Mzae, mi niko fiti. Niko kwa fertile land.

Other comments were from followers who were concerned he is planning to cheat.

Kibet: Budda umeanza quotes mapema. Was it a wrong decision???

Dan: Bro are you thinking about doing it?? …coz you are saying its too long should we expect it sooner???

Saal: Kwani ushaanza kucheat?

Poggie: He admits it not a mistake, its a designed move

Nyashinksi must be having a good laugh in what tweeps are calling honeymoon time. Though I doubt people go on a honeymoon after a traditional wedding. He still has a white wedding to do.

His followers are already doubting the couple will last long. Especially the men on his timeline telling him it is too early to speak. Now he is high on love and that is why he thinks he will not cheat.

Those giving Nyashinski the benefit of doubt have told him they want to see results of their love in nine months.


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