Why Nyashinski might not perform alongside Nigeria’s Adekunle Gold today

Raper Nyashinski might not be able to perform at the much anticipated Destination Africa Concert scheduled today.

The Malaika Hitmaker through his Instagram page said that he had developed an infection that is now threatening his performance.

“This one needs FAITH! I have had quite an exciting week with intense rehearsal sessions in preparation for Destination Africa Festivals. Unfortunately, yesterday I developed an infection that has suddenly infected my throat and is threatening my performance,” he wrote.

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Nyashinski in shades
Nyashinski in shades

Nyashinski was performing at the Destination Africa Festivals alongside Nigeria’s Adekunle Gold, Fena Gitu, Xenia Manaseeh and Otile Brown.

Back to work and I’m energized for this one. Let’s go!!! For those asking, Gaance ndio anafunga show😉🤑,” he posted earlier on.

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