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Nyashinski believes Songa will crush favouritism and bias in airplay

Nyashinski was among the many Kenyan artistes present during the Safaricom Monday launch of a new music streaming service dubbed Songa.

The app basically offers a variety of music to customers at a fee. Among other artiste present were Sauti Sol and Mercy Masika, who have been incorporated as creative directors for the app to help drive consumer uptake and create awareness of the platform.

Well, during the launch the Hayawani hitmaker spoke to Word Is about the importance of the App to the upcoming artist and also to those artistes who have been in the industry for quite a while now.

Musician Nyashinski(1)(1)(1)

“The App is very important because now artistes have a direct relationship with their consumer. Artistes don’t have to go through a middleman for their music to be heard by their fans when the App is there because they just have to download the music directly from there. It is also easier for more talents to be noticed as compared to previous times because of favoritism and bias.”

When Nyashinski made a comeback, people thought he was new to the industry thanks to the Internet but still he made it. “It worked for me because it made them give me a chance even as a new and blank canvas, as opposed to having expectations because anytime one has an expectation there is a chance you would let them down. This far I have come it is because of the fans I have.”

Nyashinski conclude by reminding Kenyans the importance of the ‘Songa App’.

“Songa is special because its Kenyan, I will use this example where you have your dog and the neighbor has one. You don’t feed the neighbor dog before yours is full. Songa has a very good interface and easy to access because it also has all the music from international to local.”

“Our aim is to delight our subscribers with a carefully curated world class collection, a fantastic user interface and a smooth streaming experience,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Director of Consumer Business at Safaricom.
SONGA by Safaricom offers online and offline play, track and full album downloads, playlist creation and an ability to share links with other subscribers.

The service will launch with a free 14-day trial. Thereafter customers will have the freedom to choose a subscription plan that suit them at KES 25/= a day, KES 150/= weekly or KES 499/= monthly. To get the app, dial *812# or go to

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