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I really wanted to be a nun, maybe Ivanna will become one – Betty Kyallo tells Churchill

When you look at Betty Kyallo, one instantly notices the bubbly, happy go lucky personality that she is, almost always glowing.

Her general demeanour is inviting to anyone who sees or talks to her. That’s why it wasn’t that much of a surprise that she became one of the most popular TV news anchors in Kenya.

But it seems that Kenyans might have been deprived of her on-screen talents had she chosen her first love.

This weekend Betty disclosed that she had always wanted to become a nun. In an extensive interview with Churchill Ndambuki, the CEO of high-end beauty parlour Flair by Betty said she admired how nuns dressed while she was still young.

Betty disclosed that she was raised in a staunch Catholic family, explaining;

“I wanted to be a nun but mabudesco changed me. Walinichanganya wakanimalisa. I used to admire nuns how they looked nice in their white clothes during mass… I was like I wanna be like them hakuna kusumbuliwa na machali. Halafu you serve God… lakini ilikuwa ngumu. Nikaona wacha tuu nikuwe news anchor I do what I wanted to do. I really wanted to be a nun maybe Ivanna [my daugher] will be a nun.”

And the curvy entrepreneur explained that decorated veteran news anchor Catherine Kasavuli was her role model;

“I always wanted to be Catherine Kasavuli. I’d watch the news just to see her. I interviewed on her KTN. When I saw her I got so nervous. She was so sweet to me. it was one of my best shows,” she said.

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American actress Eva Mendes also gave up her dream of being a nun so she could fulfill her promise to buy her mother a house.

She had wanted to join a convent and devote her life to the Catholic Church but changed her mind when she discovered nuns didn’t get paid.

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