NTV presenter Jane Ngoiri shares her parenting advice to women

NTV’s Swahili news anchor Jane Ngoiri was blessed with a bundle of joy, her firstborn son.

The present is not only a mother but also a wife to the love of her life Abdillahi Hussein.


                                                            Jane’s son

She uses her social media platform to share her experiences with other women and mothers on parenting.

Time after time, Jane has given advice and thoughts on how she thinks it is best to raise a child.

It is evident most women learn a thing or two in her #parentingwednesday as many comment on her posts.

Today, this is what she shared on social media


“If it’s Wednesday it’s all about #ParentingWednesday. There was so much feedback on last weeks topic: Weaning. So I have decided we breakdown this topic and continue discussing it in the coming weeks.
When I started Weaning at 6 months,I began with Porridge. My experience;I first did pure ugali flour then pure wimbi. I was advised not to mix flours as many do or mix wimbi with omena.
Reason being when you mix wimbi and sorghum they have different cooking temperatures so one will lose its nutrional value and secondly if baby reacts you will not be able to point out what exactly it is if you mix wimbi,omena and something else.
Up to date I give my Son either pure wimbi porridge or pure sorghum porridge. No mixing. Share your experience. #ParentingWednesday #Weaning #PorridgeManenos.”

Here are some of the comments.

Stella: Woow, very insightful,!

Sarah: I was also advised to start with pure maize flour since its easily digested unlike starting with wimbi which takes longer to be digested.

Elizabeth: Pure maize flour ni gani? Ya packet ama ya poshomill? & why not infant weaning flour?

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