Noti Flow quizzed about Mustafa and Prezzo after dumping LGBTQ partner

It’s been a few weeks since Noti Flow left by her lesbian lover and since then has been trying to get over that relationship as she told her fans in a QNA this past weekend.

The two women broke up “over a stupid lil argument & she went all crazy” sensationally claimed Noti Flow.

King Alami and Noti Flow have been together for a few months and saying she still cares about her but won’t take her back¬†“She almost killed me. We fought” captioning about the break up.noti flo diumplover (1)

One wanted to know why she doesn’t try men after her LGBTQ partner, and she responded ‘I don’t hate men I( jut prefer women I realized Di*k is not for me”.

This response got a curios fan about her exes Mutapha and Prezzo. She was told to go back to them after being reminded that she had a good time with the singers.

Noti Flow sarcastically commented saying “Who’s that” and exclaimed about Prezzo indicating it’s a silly question.

noti flow break (1)

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