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Nothing hurts like going to the salon and hating the result

Ladies, what is your worst salon experience?

Girls be honest have you ever visited a salon told the stylist what you want, and in the end it was terrible? I have many times. And it’s pure agony. Not getting what you asked for can be the result of many things.

This was the subject of discussion online, and here is a collection of stories.

Went to the salon ka di 27 Dec and I’ve never been the same… Long story short I am done with that salon soze kalok

This is me. I did my hair on the 28th today i had to unplate it coz wow. I just couldn’t. After paying R800 for that rubbish im never going back there.

Mna I’m done with salons. Sometimes it seems like hairdressers ruin your hair on purpose. I’m learning to do my own hair now

The anxiety rising as you look in the mirror prior to her finishing and being unable to voice out your unhappiness.

I almost cried the other day this happened. I kept trying to correct her as she was braiding but she wasn’t understanding me

And most hairdressers don’t want to be corrected!! I’d get an emergency call and leave immediately Frowning face. I don’t play like that when it comes to my hair. I’d rather keep it afro.

I once got home and unbraided because I couldn’t walk around looking like that.

But there’s mirrors there, why not stop. I’ll never understand why ladies are afraid to complain or just speak out

I am not afraid, I just feel bad. Loudly crying face but I really need to stop

On top of that you are afraid of speaking out so you pretend to like it

Then they ask you if you like it

And you have to say yes, thank you and smile

Especially if you are terrified of telling the hair dresser that’s not what you asked for

And on top of that… your head is hurting

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