Ali Kiba with Hamisa on the song Dodo

AliKiba comes clean on relationship with Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa

Last month, AliKiba and Hamisa set the internet alight after the two Tanzanian superstars featured together on a song.

The two created a hullabaloo after acting all lovey-dovey on Ali’s new song, Dodo, with some claiming that Kiba might have sliced his long-time rival Diamond Platnumz of his baby mama.

AliKiba with Hamisa on their song Dodo
AliKiba with Hamisa on their song Dodo

Ali set to allay those fears revealing that there was nothing going on between them as people and Tanzanian gossip pages have been claiming.

Alikiba confesses love for Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa in new music video

He however, mentioned that they talk to one another and share different work-related ideas as friends.

“Tunachat. Hio mada ambayo umeizungumzia hapainaweza kuwa moja ya mada ambazo tuna zungumzia, ideas, kuna watu ambao walishanitafutaga kufanya kazi na Hamisa nikamlink up nao. Ideas tofauti tofauti as a friend unaelewa. Hakuna kitu kinaendelea mimi na Hamisa, hakuna kabisa,” said King Kiba.

AliKIba posing
AliKIba posing

In April this year, Alikiba released a wedding-themed video in which Ms Mobetto played the role of a video vixen. Some theorised that it might have been a way for the two to hit back at East Africa’s biggest star but that wasn’t to be as Diamond disclosed that Hamisa had come to him for approval before she was featured on the song.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

In an interview, Platnumz mentioned that Ms Mobetto informed him of her decision to appear in the video in order avoid any misunderstandings.

”Alikiba Anakila Haki Ya Kushoot Na Mtu Yeyote Na Hata Yeye Hamisa Mobetto Ana Haki Ya Kufanya Kazi Na Mtu Yeyote Na Kabla Kwenda Kushoot Hamisa Mobetto Aliniambia Kuwa Ali Amenicheck Nataka Kushoot Na Mimi, So Nimekupa Taarifa Usione Labda Kuna Namna Nyingine Yeyote Watu Wasijekuitafsiri Vingine, Na Mi Nikamwambia Usijali Unabaraka Zangu Zote Kafanya,” said Diamond.

Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto
Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto at a past date

Whatever the case, the trio know how to create publicity for their respective projects and “Dodo” is an example of them setting aside any differences they might have so as to make money.

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