‘Not yet’ Bien talks on why he and fiancee Chiki are yet to get kids

Lead vocalist for all-male boy band Sauti sol, Bien Baraza, has in an interview revealed that he and his fiancee Chiki are not in a hurry to get kids.

Chiki and Bien are engaged. According to Bien, there is still time to date,get to know each other better before the kids come.


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‘If I am 31 and no one has ever accused me of impregnating them you will wait. I have kids with Sol Generation you know now want me to sire more kids? That will be a hard tackle!’ Bien said

Bien proposed to Chiki in February this year.

For this special event, he hired an entire cinema hall at the mall and made sure only a few friends witnessed the proposal.

To get her into the mall Chiki’s close friend lied to her that she was having issues with her boyfriend and wanted her to be present when they reconcile.

They were later to proceed to a cinema hall and watch a movie, where Bien and his friends were, although she was not aware.

“It was dark so she could not see where we were seated. The movie started and the first video that appeared was from her father, followed by the other videos of her friends.

And that is when I walked over,” Bien said., adding that he had also composed a love song for his four-year girlfriend.


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A day after he proposed, Bien for the first time shared a few details on how he met his love.Posting on Instagram Bien wrote

“One day I met a girl outside a club on museum hill.


She was hanging out with @emmanueljambo and I thought to myself ‘wow she’s hot as hell.’ About a month later we bumped into each other again at a party and had a conversation.

I was mind blown. I had never met a better combination of beauty and brains. She has a heart of gold. My niggah, my ride or die, my shoulder to cry.”

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