‘I could not be where I am today, Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu and wife celebrates 11 years anniversary

Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures marked 11 years in marriage yesterday.

They held a posh party last night in one of the city hotels.

Together with their few celebrity friends, they had dinner together and also cut a cake to mark the anniversary.

In his message, Kabu expressed his love for his Sarah with a heartwarming message.

He described Sarah as his support system and appreciated her for walking with him all through thick and thin.

He wrote;

“Some words cannot be written, they sound better when said. It’s 11years.
It’s 11years of paradise with someone you love and cherish. Oh, by the way, this suit and shirt are the very same ones I wore 11 years ago. #thekabus.”

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He added

“It’s has been 11 years since that day today we said “I do” at the shores of Lake Naivasha.🎷🎺. I recall that day as if it’s yesterday @sarahkabu With your contagious smile, 😊your beauty and brain, you have continued being my Partner in all ways. We have had good times 🏊🏻‍♀️🏇🏄🏻‍♀️🚴‍♀️🎳 and downtime’s🎢🎢 as any other normal couple.
As we both agreed, we are focused on the “goal” and the “end” and we will do everything to make sure we achieve it.
We have travelled 💃⛴🛳✈️🚆🚝🚟🚁🎡🎢the world together and enjoyed life together.
Your humility supersedes every other trait. “

Kabu went ahead and paid his tribute to Sarah which he used to thank her for being by his side and for siring children ‘Anita and Austin’ for him.

“Happy anniversy my sweetheart, its been eleven years, remember those good old days. That day you agreed and said I do to me.

I know ups and downs are normal but we have grown together. Thanks for coming to celebrate wit

I could not have been where I am if it were not for you Sarah.

That is why I called some of my friends here to come and witness this. Some beautiful kids and brilliant like their mum.

I can do anything for you, if it were not for the corona pandemic that is happening this year. We could be somewhere but Covid happened. 11 years of good times. 99.99 percent good, the 0.1 is the normal things,” he said infront of his friends

Some of the friends who attended the anniversary were, Bahati and his wife Diana, The WaJesus Family, DJ Soxxy and wife, Comedian Jaymo Ule Msee among others.

Check out never seen photos from their wedding;

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