Not ‘MTOTO’ Wa Mama After All! 5 Reasons Why Bahati Took 2 Years To UNVEIL His Daughter To The Public

As we all know by now, gospel singer Kevin Kioko, popularly known by his stage name Bahati recently unveiled his blood daughter for the first time since she was born.

Bahati shocked his social media followers and fans after he posted a photo with a cute baby girl, revealing that she was his daughter, and no, not one of his adopted children, his biological daughter.

The little girl goes by the name, Mueni who is now 2-years-old, which means that Bahati has been a father the whole time but has never shown off his child or at least talked about her.


Fans took to social media to congratulate the Mama singer but not all were happy, for the simple reason that he didn’t appreciate the mother of his child on his post, and instead, he opted to thank his now girlfriend Diana Marua.

Too many Blessings have come my way but 2 Years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime Blessing from God. Before anything, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the Love of My Life #Diana ❤️ for being there for me in all situations, May God bless You. My Lovely Fans, you’ve stood with me & supported me Since Day one… I’ll forever be grateful for that. Allow me to introduce to you the Angel that God blessed me with, My First Born Daughter- I PROMISE TO LOVE AND PROTECT YOU. I WILL BE THE BEST DAD FOR YOU 

Bahati’s Baby Mama Speaks Out IN ANGER After He Flaunts Photos Of Their Toddler!

So, what would have made Bahati keep his daughter a secret for all those years? Here’s a list of 5 things that might have contributed to this, but may not be necessarily the real reasons.

1. Fear
Bahati is one of the youngest gospel artistes we have (he should be 24 now), and maybe he thought that if he reveals he’s a father, people would judge him for indulging in unprotected s3xual activities so early, especially that he’s a born again Christian.

2. Friction With Baby Mama
Maybe they were not on good terms perhaps this was as a result of a disagreement leading to a break-up. So, he couldn’t just reveal he’s a father when things are chaotic with the daughter’s mother.


3. Sex Out Of Wedlock
Being a Christian, and a role model to many young people, Bahati could have felt that he would receive criticism for getting intimate before an official union, or marriage. More so, he kept telling his fans that he’s single, which is obvious right now that that was a lie. He sired a child outside wedlock which is against values of born again Christians.

4. Dead Beat Dad?
Could Bahati have been a deadbeat dad who never took time to see his child, to the point that his baby mama kept him away from his daughter? Well, we can only speculate for now, but time will tell. Supporting your child financially is not enough, you have to be there physically too.

5. New Girlfriend, New Lease Of Life
Maybe Bahati thought it was a good idea to reveal his daughter since he had already revealed the woman in his life now so that he can finally come clean about his private life. Diana Marua could have advised him to take full responsibility and flaunt his daughter maybe after mending things with the baby mama.

Hopefully, they are not doing this for ratings and publicity, it would be wrong in every way.




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