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I am not giving birth again, Kate Actress tells husband

Catherine Kamau has told her husband Philip Kamau that she is not giving birth again.

The mother of two welcomed her second child in December last year but the two have not unveiled her face.

The former mother in law actress took to Instagram to share the photos of her baby saying that her and her husband Phil were not hiding her from the world but hiding the world from her because it is cruel especially on social media.

It’s a girl! Kate Actress’ baby gender reveal

“Throwback ! Baby K at 2 weeks 🤗… we are not hiding her from the world , just hiding the world from her . Such a cruel world 😩 especially here on social media . Thank you for all the congratulatory messages . You shall meet her when we are ready 🙏🏿❤️ .. if ever 😩” read her caption.

Well, recently, she shared a snap back photo looking like a schaaack. you know body goals and everyone was on her wall congratulating and admiring her body. others advised her to be careful because Phil might give her baby number three with the kind of look.


This is the photo she posted.


Her husband responded with a love emojis saying ‘ebu kuja hapa nje kidogo,” he wrote.

Kate responded to her husband’s comment saying, “I am not getting another baby pris!”

fans were quick to respond check out the screenshot of their conversation below.

This child is Catherine’s second-born as she had a son before she met Philip.



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