Dan Sonko chilling with his woman

‘Not everyone will get you…’ Dan Sonko’s wife Bwire tells haters

Actor Dan Sonko has moved on after losing his wife in 2017.

The father of two recently confirmed that he is dating Miss Bwire who was Dan Sonko’s late wife’s friend.

In a recent interview, Bwire said she knew Dan even before he married Dru, first wife..

“I knew Dan through the acting industry and his wife (Dru) was my friend,” she said.

She, however, said she did not have a romantic relationship with Dan when his wife was alive.

“I don’t think I’ve betrayed her. I never thought he would be my lover at any point in life because he had a family at that time,” she said.

Bwire has been heavily criticized after the interview and she has shared an inspirational post titled.

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Dan Sonko with his new bae
Dan Sonko with his new bae

 ‘Dear human.’

“Not everyone will get you,

 Not everyone will support you

 Not everyone will love you

 You need to learn that it’s ok for people to have feelings, opinions, beliefs that are different from your own.

 It doesn’t mean they hate you.

 It just means they are positioned at a different angle from yours.

 As they see a pineapple eye, you might see the pineapple crown from where you’re standing.

 You’re both right😉. If we all saw the world the same way. It would be one boring canvas.

 Love B♥️.,’ she wrote.

Sonko and his new wife are raising his sons together.

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