Not everyone is meant for you – Mike Mondo says of heartbreak in 2022

A woman set herself and her two children on fire following a disagreement with her husband on New Year’s day in Lugari sub-county, Kakamega.

This formed Mike Mondo’s New year conversation, with the presenter weighing in that ‘kama hataki hataki move on you could be saving yourself alot in future’

The horrific story saddened Mike who told on the Monday morning conversation that we must learn to accept rejection, no matter how hard it may be.

He sympathized with those being dumped or going through heartbreak but advised that ‘not everyone is meant for you.’

‘this is very wrong I want to condemn this act, why can’t people move on after their hearts are broken? why kill children? why cant you handle that you have been left, you have never heard of the statement ukiachwa akichika, you start doing something nasty because you were left, why should you react, why can’t people jut move on after that ka heartbreak? imagine you will move on and find somebody else’

A woman told Mike that many people are having mental issues over relationships gone wrong ‘diff people have diff capacity of dealing with rejection, and I can relate you see you have labored with him, given him children and then you think yani he can do this to me?’

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