‘I would not attend my mum’s burial if she died today’ Brags city woman

A day after celebrating mother’s day a woman shocked Maina Kageni after she confessed she has not talked to her mum for the last 10 years.

Adding that was her mother to die she would not bother to go for burial.

This prompted the question: What is the worst thing your mum ever did to you and you feel you cannot forgive her?

Here is what one caller had to say.

At some point my parents disowned me after I got married to a family they did not want me to.I had to go back and apologize given that I wanted their blessings.

They said they did not even want my dowry and gave me out for free.Sadly my marriage turned violent and I had to go ask for forgiveness.

Things are now OK.

Another adds

No matter what a mother does to you she remains your mum whether you want it or not.

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*Tracy*  adds that she was brought up by her dad. Her mother was nowhere to be seen nor did she bother to know what schools her kids attended.

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According to Tracy her mum was busy in Nairobi living her best life (akikula hepi) and for that she cannot forgive her.

Another caller adds

Some of us are experiencing generational curses. It’s not something she did or I did its just pure hatred. Even her grandparents never got along.

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