Screenshot_2021-11-24 Hamisa Mobetto on Instagram “Normalize luxury in your life Suffering is not an achievement 🥂”

Normalize luxury, suffering is not an achievement – Hamisa Mobetto


Tanzanian sweetheart Hamisa Mobetto is living in the lap of luxury in Dubai.

The fashion entrepreneur is sharing pictures and videos of her vacation and has made it clear that we must normalize living in luxury and that poverty is not an achievement.

She had dinner in one of Dubai’s most luxurious restaurants, in the sky where a a table is suspended by a crane 50 meters high in the sky of Dubai.

This restaurant has been named by Forbes as the top ten places to eat.

The dining experience lasts 90 minutes in the sky and meals cost anything from 191 dollars.


In another post, Hamisa captioned a photo dining yacht picture ‘enjoyment’ with the hashtag #livingmybestlife

In a third photo, Hamisa wrote ‘ Bounce back from every situation …. I’m gonna always be good .. remember that .

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