‘Usinyonge windpipe utaua ‘Nonini advices men after Kiambu woman dies after being chocked to death during s3x.

A tweet about a woman who was choked to death by her lover during sex has gone viral leaving the question to choke during s3x or not to?

The tweet, which was shared by a lady identified Winnie, who was attending her burial in Kiambu county, read:

“Am en route Kiambu for our friend’s burial who was choked to death while having sex, it’s that serious guys.”

Ababu Namwamba’s wife Prisca allegedly leaves their matrimonial home over allegations that he is cohabiting with his niece.

This has ignited mixed reactions among netizens with many sending their condolences to the bereaved family.

Local artiste Hubert Nakitare known to many as Nonini has taken his time to explain to Kenyans on how to Choke during s#x without literally killing the other person.

He wrote

“Hehehe ,Choking during the game is all about cutting off oxygen flow to the brain by applying pressure on the carotid artery. To achieve this, you firmly grip the sides of her neck, not the windpipe. Queens want their brains stimulated, not their lungs.
Repeat slowly after me Kings, NEVER THE WINDPIPE.
Don’t let the Queens go before they come.
Yours, Ambassador.
 Winnie smart @epcogal “

So men take the advice above from the king himself hii mabo ya kuua mtoto wa wenyewe in the name of being romantic ikome.

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