“NO, YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu, And How They Met

Celebrated news anchor Janet Mbugua may no longer be on our screens, but she’s a very big part of the Kenyan media industry and still has a massive fans base.

The former Citizen TV journalist has been focusing on her personal projects which include her role as Lifebuoy Help A Child Reach 5 Ambassador and as Red Cross Communications director, as well as her blog where she shares her experiences as a mother.

Janet Mbugua Reveals How Some People Find Her Boring Because She Doesn’t Love Drama Or People That Come With It

Janet Mbugua is married to the love of her life Eddie Ndichu, after exchanging vows back in 2015 and now, they are blessed with an adorable son, Baby Huru Ndichu.

There’s no doubt that she’s a loving wife, but what’s her love story with her hunk hubby?


In a recent TV interview, Janet Mbugua talked about her love life by revealing how she met Eddie Ndichu and how she finally came to give in to his advances, revealing that she found him “too cute” for her back then.

The stunning public figure had this to say about her boo; “Incidentally, Eddie and I went to the same high school in Mombasa, but it was that whole thing for ‘oh, she thinks she’s all that’ and I’m like ‘he thinks he’s all that’ and he crushed my 16th birthday party. And it’s funny that I remember that.”


“So, we’ve known each other for a very long time, and our paths kept crossing and crossing, and then when he started to pursue me, I’d be like ‘No’ and he’d ask why ‘You’re are too pretty’ (giggles). I mean, at that point, I was pretty young, in my early 20s and I just pretty much said, ‘just date, your young, you look good, have fun’,”

“I think it’s surprising because growing up with brothers, I was like ‘I know better than to even attempt to pretend that this gonna work so have fun and God willing if it’s meant to be then we will reconnect’,” she added.

She then explained how they came to hook up later on; “So we reconnected much, much later, and it just felt right because I had taken a break from dating and we connected then one thing led to another. Now we’re married with a child.”

“I think what I love most about Eddie is that he’s very supportive and he pretty much takes me as I am. Coz I come in all kinds of layers.”



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