No witchcraft here! Tanasha and Hamisa’s sweet banter mocking Zari


Tanasha Donna has released a collabo with Masauti in a song dubbed ‘Liar’ where she talks about being able to pay bills on her own without ‘somebody’s help’.

After sharing pictures from the video shoot, we have now come to learn that Tanasha and Hamisa Mobetto are friends. Surprising since they never showed they talked. We all assumed Diamond’s baby mama’s all beef. Apparently Hamisa dressed Tanasha for some scenes in the new music video.

Tanasha Donna ‘Liar’ music video

Tanasha and Hamisa get along so well that they even seem to be taking aim at Hamisa’s nemesisi Zari to show how mature they are. This comes a few days after Zari urged Diamonds mum to be careful about being bewitched after sharing too many pictures of granddaughter Tiffah.

The conversation struck me as a full on war on first baby mama Zari, who seems to be getting alot of attention from Diamond lately unlike the others.



Tanasha and Hamisa shared sweet affirmations on Instagram and the unity got fans noting how baby mama’s should get along and be each others support system.


It will be interesting to see what these two exes are also upto, and I’m also pretty sure Zari will respond. Mama Tee is always watching.

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