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‘No one ever died over lack of [email protected]’ Pastor Burale advises men to zip up

Pastor Robert Burale has advised women to be very careful when it comes to relationships given that they are on the losing end when things fail to work.

Giving his reasons for this Burale says,

As a lady you are at a disadvantage when you get pregnant it is your life that will stop while his still continues.

So don’t get excited when a guy calls you at midnight talking in his deep voice.

The man will move on once you get pregnant and you will waste 2-3 years.

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He advises men to zip up or go home.

Men control your zip as for the women keep the file closed, No visa to Bangkok.

You might chose to ignore my advise and end up a prisoner or might listen and end up a governor, it’s all up to you.

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In conclusion Burale advises men to focus on bettering themselves given that no job market looks for a man with abs

Men stop taking photos holding your crotch. A good job and a better bank account is better.

And please stop sleeping around. Have you ever heard someone has/is dying for lack of [email protected]?

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