‘No, No!’ Julie Gichuru Denies Allegations That She Is Physically Abused By Her Husband Of 18 Years

Former Citizen TV news anchor Julie Gichuru is one of the most celebrated and renowned media personalities in Kenya, and over the years, she’s proved to be one of the best.

However, the journalist and businesswoman prefers to keep her private life off the public radar, and never talks a lot about her family or love life, but once in a while, she’ll share a few pictures on her social media.

Julie Gichuru is married to Anthony ‘Tony’ Gichuru and they are blessed with 4 amazing children, one girl, Njeri Gichuru, and three boys, Daniel, Kimoshe, and Joseph Gichuru.


The down to earth news anchor would have been a mother of five, but sadly, she lost a son, Arthur Mwaura, back in 2005.

“It was incredibly hard, and I need to say now, our baby choked on pureed food, and to all the mothers and fathers out there, the biggest cause of children’s death under one-year-old is choking, she said during a recent interview on K24.

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Though Julie tries to keep her relationship under wraps, there have been rumors that her pilot husband has been physically abusing her, allegations she decided to clear in the same interview.

She made it clear that her hubby of 18 years has never laid a hand on her, let alone even insult her, saying she would have already walked away;

Are we still on that one? For real? Let me let down those who wanted me to be battered, not a day in his life. That is number one. Number two, you hit me one time, you will never see the front of my face again, you will see the back of me for a few seconds, and that’s it! I don’t believe that any woman should accept any kind of violence; let alone physical violence, talk to me wrong! Talk to me wrong. No No No!


She went on to add that she loves and respects her hubby Tony Gichuru;

Let me say something else. I love and respect my husband. In my home, my husband is the king. He will come home and feel happy and feel comfortable and he will make me feel like a queen. If you are in a family where two people are not getting along, sometimes the difficult decision, especially for children is to say maybe we don’t jell maybe we need to step back.

I don’t believe we should bring up children in an environments where they see all this kind of stuff. By the way I am vocal. Me and my husband, we will have arguments and stuff, we will discuss stuff like any other couple, but there will always be respect and regard. So no, never, absolutely never.


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