Harmonize and Frida Kajala

No medicine cures what happiness can’t -Kajala

Fridah Kajala has not been happy without Harmonize.

Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala has hinted that she has finally found happiness again.

The actress has reunited with singer Harmonize who has been wooing her back in the most romantic ways,

Kajala has taken to her Instagram to say that happiness is the cure for all pain.

Kajala in a photo with a giraffe wrote

“no medicine cures what happiness cannot”

And indeed happiness is the cure for all because in another phot in the wild with Harmonize, gushes at Fridah as e singer as he kisses her forehead.

Harmonize also gushednovertheirnewnlove writing “luckiest giraffeinnthe world almost to kiss mywoman some one told me boss lady yupo vacation huo. Mama enjoy its your time”

Harmonize and Kajala dated briefly before breakingup. Thereason? He wanted tobed her daughter based onallegations made online.

Harmonize then went on todate went ahead to date an Australian girlfriend named Brianna. Briana said they broke up because Harmonize kept referring tfridah kajala while they dated. This obsession with Kajala upset Briana

His simping for Fridah Kajala started with him sending flowers to the actress but there was no response from her. That prompted him to go a step further. The singer put up a billboard with a photo of him and Kajala as another attempt to win her over but again Kajala was not moved.

He continued more desperate attempts before she gave in.

Love is a beautiful thing Classic105 fam

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