‘No bras for me due to pain and scars in my right breast and lung’ Jahmby

Jahmby Koikia continues  to share the struggles she goes through with the aim of encouraging another person battling the same condition.

In a recent post she shared of the simple things she can’t do,Most of us take them for granted.

She cannot rock heels,nor wear a bra .

I love fashion. Passed down to me by grandmothers and mother. Unfortunately this disease has created a shell out of me.

A once very stylish, fashionable, creative lady now only fits into loose trousers, t-shirt, sweatshirt and jacket.

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Jahmby Koikai
Jahmby Koikai

I don’t wear bras due to the pain and scars in my right breast, lung, diaphragm and ribs. I don’t wear heels due to the swelling of my feet.

Just one pair of sneakers gifted to me by @edwardkemboi No tight clothing due to the scars on my tummy.

I used to enjoy shopping with my sis at Toi and Ungwaro market, trying out clothes, raiding my grandmother’s wardrobe and mom’s stuff.

She adds

I also miss my sis bargaining eeeh cos mimi sinanga time ya kubargain.

Pale Toi Market, wanajua siste wakimwona wanajua sasa ni kueka Economics 101, Maths, Calculus, Statistics as to why she should buy at that price and not a lower price.

Kuna beste yangu pia alikuwa anaitwa Muthomi ama Chile enzi za Sunbeam alikuwaga ni supplier wangu ama tuseme alikuwa stylist wangu.

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Jahmby Koikai

Chile alikuwa anatambua uzi mbaya.

It’s just a matter of time, I’ll get back on it.

I can still rock hats though…found this hat at one of the stores at therapy, tried it on and took a pic. Funky much😊

Jahmby who is still in hospital also requests her fans to help her raise cash to offset her mediacls bills which run into millions.

Kindly help me finish strong to raise Kshs 4.8m.
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
For my US fam cashapp is 678-467-2746
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For my international fam kindly see the gofundme link on my bio

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