‘I only had 6000 during my wife’s ruracio,that’s what I gave’ Admits Njugush

Njugush is setting new standards when it comes to comedy alongside his wife Celestine Ndinda but the journey has not been all smooth.

The couple who have a son have not had things easy,In a past interview Njugush had narrated how he was left in a fix after taking Celestine for a date only to run out

He says

“2014….. it was my first time kupeleka huyu mrembo @celestinendinda date akasema ameshiba….all other dates, mostly zilikua Pale uhurupark, alikua anadai haskii njaa…..lol she was just being diplomatic anadanganya because tukirudi shule alikua anabomoa ugali..

Njugush and his wife Celestine

Now when we came here in 2014, I was hoping ile 500 nilikua nayo ingetosha..well I was in for a surprise.
When for the 1st time aliona I took her to a date somewhere with walls open air dates were the thing…(well cause of how our pockets were setup)…

Here are a few things you did not know about the comedy power couple:

  1. Celestine underwent emergency delivery after induction the baby was not moving actively as usual, so they sought a doctor who advised she undergo an emergency delivery. This was the reason why Njugush was not in the delivery room.
  2. For the first few months, Njugush was the one who washed the baby because Cele always felt like she would drop the baby.
  3. On the day of the ruracio, Njugush got into an accident and went straight under a lorry but he still made it for the ceremony.

Njugush and wife4.During the ruracio, he presented ksh9000 as bride price because that is all he had.

5.He quit his job after Abel left and he was jobless for months because of his loyalty to his brother and friend.

6.During the Ruracio, Abel surprised Njjugush with a bundle of notes which surpassed what was required to be presented to Celestine’s family.

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