Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye pregnant

Blessed Njugush and wife Celestine announce second pregnancy

Blessed Njugush is one of the most conscientious of comedians that we have in Kenya. The man rarely is ever in controvserys and is a good testament for the industry that is currently dealing with a mud-slinging among some of its heavyweights.

One of the reasons I think he is able to keep his feet firmly on the ground is the people he has surrounded himself with-principally his ride or die, his wife Celestine “Wakavinye” Ndinda.

Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye throwback
Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye throwback

The pair have made great memories for fans over the years and have constantly shown the love for each other all through their marriage and even courtship.

Their young son gets to experience this love firsthand and shows what a great nuclear family can do for a child’s well-being.

‘It was awkward, thank God I was decent,’ Njugush wife Celestine narrates meeting in-laws

But it seems that the couple might be adding another to their brood. This was disclosed by Njugush and  Wakavinye on their respective social media pages. The news was met with overwhelming joy from their fans who congratulated the couple.

Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye and their baby boy

The pair have come far from a time in 2017 when they didn’t want to get a baby because they felt that they weren’t stable enough as none of them was working.

Speaking on their YouTube channel in the past, Njugush said they had to endure a lot as he pushed to make a name for himself in the industry.

They soon discovered they were pregnant which came as a complete surprise. Celestine revealed that she cried the whole night after she discovered that she was pregnant. Njugush also explained how bad the situation was for them at that moment;

“I was telling God, liwe liwalo. We even sold our TV. We used to cook ugali made of flour and potatoes. I was crying because I was so worried what we would give our baby.”

Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye pregnant

They explained that they even missed clinics as they did not have money for some tests that were required.

“As a man, I told God to come through. I used to sleep for the whole day. No food and her cravings were for food that was from outside,” Njugush said.

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