Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye and their baby boy

Our firstborn would have died! Njugush and wife relate scary pregnancy journey

Blessed Njugush and his wife Celestine “Wakavinye” Ndinda have a YouTube channel that they have been promoting wildly with exciting content this year.

It seems that the couple wants to dominate the media landscape not just in comedy but also as a pair that can be followed as far as celebrity lifestyle goes.

Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye
Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye

Just like Bahati and his wife or Kabi WaJesus and his wife, Ngugush and his wife have made a push to get their YouTube channel off the ground and into the ether.

The two recently revealed that they were pregnant with their second child. The news was met with glowing praise with many happy for the couple that is still proof of the merits and beauty of marriage.

And where else would they share glorious details about their pregnancy? Their YouTube page of course. This week the two spoke about the complications that came with their first pregnancy.

Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye and their baby boy
Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye and their baby boy

One of the most interesting things that resulted from the complications that they faced was that it was an inspiration for their son’s name.

According to the duo, it was always Ndinda’s wish to deliver her baby through normal delivery but that was not meant to be the case.

“I was at a friend’s house when Cele’s doctor called to say that I was needed in the hospital. I was in labour so badly and since the baby was tired, his heartbeat started to drop. I needed to go to CS,” said the Ndinda.

‘We were not ready to be parents’, Njugush and wife Celestine narrates how stressful it was to learn they were pregnant

She explained that the doctors hadn’t noticed that their son was not coming out because he had tied himself with the cord around his neck. “When they were doing the scan, the head appeared to be okay. They did not see the cord around his neck. The doctor discovered the cord during CS,” narrated Celestine.

Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye pregnant

The couple added that had they not had the CS they would most likely have lost the child. Their parents stood with them and spent time praying for the birth of their son in the hospital.

“When I woke up, the doctor said we were very lucky. I was very happy. I could have even called Tugi a miracle. It would have been a very painful story if we lost him. Tugi would have been called Jayden but since he went through a lot, his name is a Kikuyu word meaning grace,” said Njugush wife.

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