Njugush and his wife Celestine alias Wakavinye

Celestine was my sponsor – Njugush reveals loving detail about wife

Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njugush is one of the Kenyan comedians who embody the value of hard work but also show that even in a country like Kenya, one’s talents can be rewarded.

The man recently spoke about his tough past and revealed some fascinating insights into the relationship he and his wife Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye have, especially where money is concerned.

Njugush posing with Celestine
Njugush posing with Celestine

Njugush spoke on the Wicked Edition, Njugush said that them being friends since college has helped them navigate through certain issues in their marriage as well as help them make decisions when it comes to finances.

He revealed that they don’t fight about money.

“When it comes to money, I’m so lucky to have broken that ice, cz most of the time when you work together or differently mnaandikiananga nani anapaswa kununua kiti ama kuleta chakula ya kuku. But in this case how it all started, yeye ndio alikua sponsor, yeye ndio alikua ananisort akiwa first year. Somehiow mimi sikuwa na kakitu because in college kuna ile pesa nilikua napatiwa na ikipita hapo siezi zidisha, so siezi itisha doo” said Njugush.

Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye
Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye

When they started making money, it wasn’t hard to manage their finance as they were both open with each others income and that his wife was the one operating his ATM.

“When I started making few coins yeye hakua anamake as much, however it was not hard for me, actually yeye ndio alikua incharge of my ATM, yeye ndio alikua anaoperate doo from hiyo time” he added.

Njugush and wife celebrate growth on 3rd wedding anniversary

They revealed that they combined the income they both earn and create a budget from that so that none of them has a bigger burden than the other.

Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye
Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye

The pair also revealed that their marriage hadn’t been perfect and that either of them has previously asked for a break but they have never left each other’s side.

“When you are married and umetulia, and you know a hundred percent ni huyu nikona yeye nataka kupata mtoi nayeye na umeoa theres no going back. If you truly love that person, you have differences even major ones but at the end of the day you’ll have a way to work around them” concluded Njugush.

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