Exclusive: Njugush speaks up on why he deleted ‘rape’ video after trolling

Days after being trolled online for posting a video of him and his wife, comedian Njugush has spoken on the issue and set the record straight.

The witty comedian who lives off social media jokes, annoyed a section of his fans after posting the clip that many believed promotes rape.

The video which had been posted on his instagram page, saw the self proclaimed moral police attack the witty comedian.

Speaking exclusively to The Star, Njugush stated that the video had been posted innocently and he was sorry that it had gone the way it did.

Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda
Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda

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He says

“When we first did that video with my wife it was funny, with my wife refusing to go home. It was more of a husband and wife context in the sense of if the wife says she is not going home, where else would she go? he posed

He also cleared the air on a case where he was accused of stealing content by an up coming Mombasa comedian by the name JB Molex on social media. Njugush stated that the man said that with an aim of wanting to be famous something that he did not achieve terming the issue as by gone.


After being attacked online Njugush took the bold step of deleting the video and here is his main reason for that;

“If you see something rubbing people the wrong way the best way is to get rid of it and life continues. It was never intended to harm. Even in my right mind I would never advocate for rape so to all those aggrieved I am really SORRY.”

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Njugush goes ahead to clarify that the wife did not get offended because she knew what his genuine intention was before posting the video.

Trolling has been on the rise with more and more celebrities falling under this hurting criticism and this being the first time Njugush has been trolled, he says;

“I am handling it well although yesterday I was feeling a little worried trying to figure out how things turned bad this quickly and the fact that people online are very quick to react. All in all I said sorry and I hope we can now move on.”


Lately Njugush has been focusing on online productions but he plans to make a come back on the screens , given that we all miss his funny character that keeps us entertained.

The father of one is also taking time to enjoy his son who is 5 months old and bond with him this being his first time to be a dad.

Below is the video that almost turned Njuguna’s life upside down;

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